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Quarterly Newsletter - April 2014
  Anglo Belge Special Risks

Shipment coverage with the carrier, exhibition coverage with your insurer: Beware!

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Art Brussels
Anglo Belge sponsors an exhibition dedicated to private collections:
Portrait of the Collector as a Work of Art ,
a new initiative within Art Brussels.
Shipment coverage with the carrier, exhibition coverage with your insurer: Beware!

In most jewelers block policies, losses at exhibitions are excluded from the coverage. So, if you need to cover your goods on exhibition – whether you are exhibiting or even just carrying goods on exhibition locations – you must ask for an extension of coverage to you insurers.

More and more carriers offer attracting coverage of your shipments to/from exhibitions or even for the exhibition risk itself. If you take such a ‘one shot’ coverage via another insurer than your block policy insurers, you are actually creating an interruption of coverage on your goods. To illustrate this, imagine yourself unpacking your goods on your stand and…. noticing that some of your goods are missing or are damaged! When did the loss / damage occur? Be certain that if the loss instant can not be demonstrated neither the carrier nor your insurer will want to settle the claim.

As a broker what do we recommend?
In order to avoid any gaps in coverage, any dispute in case of doubt as to where the loss occurred (in your office whilst packing/unpacking, during the shipments, on the stand?), we strongly advise you to ask for an extension of your annual block policy. On all risks basis, take an extension of your policy for both the shipments to and from the exhibition and the exhibition itself.

What do I do with the carriers that oblige us to take shipment insurance with them?
If in some cases you have to take coverage for your shipments to and from the exhibition with the carrier, then also take a contingency coverage for your shipments under the jeweller’s block policy. For a small additional premium you will be guaranteed to benefit from uninterrupted insurance coverage for your goods. As for the exhibition itself, do not play with uncertain grey areas; choose for an extension of your annual block policy. And finally, regardless the cover you choose to take, always check the security related terms and conditions: presence at the booth, procedures regarding showcases, how many items to show, ….

Other doubts or related questions? Call us on +32 (0)3/218.91.28, we will be glad to revise your contract and check its clauses before your next leave!


Over the years, Mr. Deguerard discovers a passion for Belgian painters from the School of Laetem St Martin and gathers a first rate collection of paintings and sculptures. As a safe collector, he subscribes since the beginning to an all risks fine art insurance policy, in agreed value as his broker advises him.

When buying one of his collection’s master piece; a painting of Valerius De Saedeleer, Mr. Deguerrard searches the best spot for his painting and decides to hang the painting above his chimney.

A few years later, a nice September day ends up with a violent storm and brings out particularly heavy rains. Unfortunatelly water flows into the walls of the chimney. It’s only a few weeks later that Mr. Deguerard anxiously notices signs of humidity on the wall where his painting hangs. Humidity has also unfortunatelly infiltrated the lower part of the painting, right on the artist’s signature. Mr. Deguerard also notices paint crackles on the whole length of the painting.

Mr. Deguerard turns towards his broker to get help. An expert is appointed. In addition to the damages, the expert notices that a deterioration process of the painting has started. He concludes that urgent restoration of the painting is necessary and obtains the insurers to take in charge the restoration expenses.

As the painting has been damaged, the insurers agree to take into account a depreciation with regard to the initial value of the painting. In order to determine the exact amount of this depreciation, two additional expert opinions are required.

What did Mr. Deguerard finally get ? Thanks to his All Risks Fine Art policy with Anglo Belge, the restoration costs were taken into account, a financial compensation for the depreciation of his painting, as well as being able to keep his painting. So finally, the painting ended happilly back on his chimney….

Need advice on how to protect your art ? Call us on +32 (0)3/218.91.28, we will help you choose the best coverage for your most precious belongings.

Elke Van Meerbergen Meet Elke Van Meerbergen, Sales & Account Support at Anglo Belge. Find out what she really enjoys in life.

How long have you been working for Anglo Belge? 1 year

What is the biggest change regarding your work environment?
I used to work for a multinational : Human interaction is very different than what you can find within a team of 9 persons. The smaller the team is the higher the engagement is.

What was the key element that made you choose Anglo Belge as your new employer?
The dynamic and proactive approach always linked to the human aspect.

How would you describe Anglo Belge?
A team with great diversity of personalities who all go for it. A team that goes off the beaten tracks and always willing to improve.

What is your speciality within d’Anglo Belge?
After a successful learning period within the sales support team, I would now like to deepen my Fine Art knowledge and provide thorough Fine Art support.

What is the best part of your job?
Variety. At Anglo Belge every day is different.

Which aspect do you enjoy least?
To stand up too early ;-)

Could you share one of your favourite memories at Anglo Belge ?
Karting, I mounted the podium at the third place ☺

How would you describe the ideal client?
A satisfied client.

What do you regret?
There are no regrets in life, just lessons !

Describe yourself in three words:
Loyalty, integrity, patience.

What is your favourite band?
The Cranberries, but I find that Stolen Dance from Milky Chance is really great !

Favourite book?
My actual book is “Vergeet mij niet” from Anja Fellier. I advice it to all drama lovers

Favourite food?
I am a great fan of cookery novelties and I love dining in star restaurants. For me, it is also a kind of art !

Hobbies ?
Enjoy life, which goes with eating and drinking good things.


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