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Quarterly Newsletter - January 2014
  Anglo Belge Special Risks

Jewellery shop in Brussels robbed
Consignment: Better safe than sorry

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New Year's Greetings

At the beginning of this new year, all of us here at Anglo Belge wish you and yours a healthy, happy and successful 2014.

It has been over six months since we sent out our very first e-newsletter. To our delight, many of you take the time to read it, which encourages us to continue. Without your input, however, our newsletter would not exist: thank you for your comments and suggestions, please do keep sending them in.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards, Cédric van den Abeele

Jewellery shop in Brussels robbed

‘On Friday, an armed robbery took place in a jewellery shop in the centre of Brussels. The criminals, who were carrying firearms, managed to escape with a significantly valuable amount of jewellery. Fortunately nobody was hurt, although the jeweller is still in shock.’

Every week, the newspapers are rife with similar reports. In Belgium, over 1 483 armed robberies took place in 2012, 61 of which concerned jewellery stores. Over the past five years, this number has continued to rise, tripling since 2007. Security professionals insist that proper protection would significantly lower these statistics.

Here are some basic pointers to keep in mind:

- pay attention to vehicles that drop off or pick up individuals in the vicinity of your shop.
- keep an eye on vehicles that slowly and repeatedly drive by your jewellery shop and seem to be watching you.
- remain watchful of vehicles with foreign or temporary licence plates, rental cars, etc.
- pay attention to individuals taking pictures of your shop or shop window.
- pay attention to groups of people entering your store, spreading out once inside or checking your security system.
- pay careful attention to anyone with any suspicious requests (an urgent appraisal, quickly having to pick up cash at the hotel, etc.)
- pay close attention to anyone who attempts to gain your trust too quickly and who tells you they will be back soon.
- remain alert if you witness any suspicious behaviour.

Furthermore, are you properly insured for such claims? As a special risks insurance broker, we have developed a product tailored to your needs. SILK not only offers you optimal coverage, but also a prevention workshop in addition to, if necessary, psychological support after a catastrophe.

Would you like more information? Call us on +32 3 218 91 28, our team is at your service.

Consignment: Better safe than sorry

Trust is a fundamental aspect for diamond dealers. They need to be able to call on a reliable and incorruptible network of contacts, potential buyers and sellers.

This relationship based on confidence can consist of entrusting to a potential client, a selection of goods. This allows clients to make a precise selection of the goods they are looking for, after which they can negotiate the purchase with the owner of the goods.

The owner of the goods can also use a middleman , a broker which will receive a commission on the sale.

Finally, goods can also be entrusted to a diamond cutter where they are either processed (e.g. polished, cut, etc.) or possibly set into jewellery.

It is obvious that the owner of the goods runs a clear risk despite any necessary precautions he may have taken. The entrusted goods could be subject to theft, disappearance, damage or even dishonesty by the entrustee.

Anglo Belge offers an extension of the insurance policy in order to fully cover goods entrusted to third parties. Read how:

1) Standard coverage: the goods are insured up to a predefined maximum limit and subject to certain conditions and territorial limits. If a loss occurs under these conditions, the owner of the goods is reimbursed. Pay attention however to the fact that the underwriter can seek recourse from the entrustee responsible for the goods at the time of the loss.

2) If you want to avoid this waiver of right of recourse (for commercial and/or possible family reasons) this can be obtained but will be subject to an additional premium.

3) Coverage against fraud committed by the entrustee: Standard coverage can be extended to theft and dishonesty by the entrustee.

4) Imagine that the goods you have entrusted to a third party, are themselves entrusted to someone you do not know, coverage against dishonesty for this third party can also be taken into account within the coverage.

Which would be the most appropriate coverage for your risk? Don’t hesitate to call us on +32 (0)3 218 91 28 ; we are more than happy to advise you in all confidence.

Marijke Van Opstal Meet Marijke Van Opstal, Business Development Manager at Anglo Belge. Find out what she really enjoys in life.

How long have you been working for Anglo Belge?
Since June 2012.

Where did you work before joining ABSR?
I’ve been working in the diamond district since 2004. I worked for a diamond dealer, ABN AMRO and ADB, to name a few.

What have been the most significant changes in the insurance industry since the beginning of your career?
I think compliance was and will continue to be quite a challenge.

What is the best part of your job?
Closing a deal.

Which aspect do you enjoy least?
All the administrative fuss.

Could you share one of your favourite memories at Anglo Belge?
I really enjoyed going sailing with our team.

How would you describe the ideal client?
A client who cares about content and who preferably pays his premium.

What do you regret?
An important principle of mine is to never regret the things you do, only the things you don’t do…

Which country does business take you to most often?
The UK.

Which restaurant would you recommend there?
Based on how I answered the previous question, this question probably doesn’t apply.☺

What is the best place to have a drink?
Anywhere they sell cocktails, vodka and Baileys and which has a lively atmosphere.

What is your favourite hotel and why?
Nothing beats ‘Hotel Mama’.

Describe yourself in three words:
Tall, curls, black.

What is your favourite band?
Umbra et imago.

Favourite book?
For those I loved by Martin Gray.

Favourite food?
A chocolate spread sandwich.

Filling out questionnaires.☺


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