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Quarterly Newsletter - June 2014
  Anglo Belge Special Risks


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A good All Risk policy covers you for the diminished value of an artwork after repair or restoration. It also covers the fees related to the repair or even in case of a total loss, the total pay back of the agreed value.

But before imagining the worst case, other precautions can be very useful:

  • Leave your policy in force while a work is on loan (museum, exhibition, …). First make sure that your policy covers this entrustment and do not recon on the insurance policy of the third party. That way, if there’s a problem with the third party’s coverage, you’ll still be fully insured.

  • One of the biggest risks for art collectors lending one of his artworks lies in the transportation. Ask for professional art movers to take care of the transportation of your works and also check if your insurance policy covers transports.

  • Prepare a detailed condition report with photos of the artwork before the packing-up and do the same thing during unpacking. If the crate arrives damaged or if you cannot check the content immediately, write down ‘subject to inspection’. This will protect yourself in case you discover a problem later.

  • Reappraise artwork every three to five years or even more for works evolving in a hot market. By doing this, you’ll be certain to stay fully covered and at the market price.

For every other personalized advice, call us on +32(0)3 218 91 28, we remain at your disposal to check your risk with you.


Recently we received a call from a worried customer; an incredibly valuable collection of stones that he had received on consignment had just been stolen!

What happened? Blinded by an unusual request that looked like the deal of the century, our assured had ignored all the warning signs that would normally have raised his suspicions. He didn’t check the buyers references, he didn’t get suspicious when he discovered the dubious meeting place and finally went by himself……. Conclusion : he got mugged and all his goods were stolen!

Read the following advice carefully.

  • Avoid cash transactions, or at the very least make sure they take place in a secure environment (bank, vault).

  • Make sure YOU choose the location for the transaction: always avoid hotel rooms, give preference to your own premises or premises you know.

  • Be very careful with a sudden change of plans, with irregular itineraries.

  • Never show up alone, and make sure trained security guards are present.

  • Beware of requests for goods or items that you do not regularly trade in.

  • Always ask for references from your potential buyers, and crosscheck them.

  • Never show goods at the first meeting, do not accumulate goods before you are sure about the buyer.

  • Always make sure, especially in unusual circumstances, to contact your insurance broker so as to verify that your insurance policy covers the risk. Your broker should be able to offer you careful advice!

Be very careful, just one bad experience could turn your life upside down. Don’t be fooled by an overly optimistic deal and remember that these are often too good to be true! Any doubts? Call us on +32(0)3 218 91 28, we are happy to help you.

Vana Cavanas Meet Vana Cavanas, recently appointed Account Executive. Find out what she really enjoys in life.

How long have you been working for Anglo Belge? Three years since April.

Where did you work before joining Anglo Belge? Before Anglo Belge I worked in tourism for over 9 years; first for a major tour operator in the European/Middle Eastern division, and then for a company that was specialised in ski trips.

What was the key element that made you choose Anglo Belge as your new employer?
Insurance has always fascinated me and the global package that Anglo Belge offered me convinced me to make the switch to a completely different field. I started as an administrative support and as such became familiar with the way things worked, immersing myself in all the different kinds of insurance files.
When I was put on the team in charge of internal procedures and as a sales support for the account managers, I gained a lot of experience in this very specific insurance field, which has brought me to a new professional challenge: account executive. Bit by bit, I will be managing more and more files.

What is the best part of your job?
The variety, the client contact, the challenge to find the most suitable solution for each of them.

Which aspect do you enjoy least?
The things that don’t have measurable results.

How would you describe Anglo Belge?
As a rapidly expanding company with motivated employees, who are all happy to assist our clients.

What is your speciality within Anglo Belge?
Credit Control ;-)

Could you share one of your favourite memories at Anglo Belge ?
The first Happy Hour among colleagues in the bar across from our office.

How would you describe the ideal client?
A client that recommends us to others.

What do you regret?
Regret lies in the past, it’s the future that counts.

Describe yourself in three words:
Small but bold.

What is your favourite band?

Favourite food?


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