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Quarterly Newsletter - November 2014
  Anglo Belge Special Risks

Beware of hackers !
Hold-up : it doesn’t just happen to others


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Winner of the sailing challenge 2014
Beware of hackers !

What is it all about?
For a number of years now, since online data has become more accessible and networks have gone global, a new type of crime has reared its head: cybercrime. An increasing number of companies are faced with cyber incidents, which usually include infected web servers, computer viruses, theft of company account data, phishing (= theft of personal data in order to commit identity theft), spamming (= computer programmes that send out spam), scanning, spoofing (=taking over IP addresses) and also DDoS attacks.

Whether these techniques may or may not be easy to understand, they all have one single purpose: theft. And while all professional fields are faced with cyber crime, it goes without saying that the diamond, jewellery and art industry represent highly interesting targets for cyber criminals.

Who could be affected?
Everyone is at risk. Read the following example, which illustrates one type of cybercrime. One of our jeweller clients in Geneva received a call from Mr Manjab Al Raket, a wholesaler from Bahrein. The wholesaler introduced himself by referring to their last meeting at the Hong Kong Fair, reminding our client that he was interested in purchasing a particular stone. The stone in question was worth $ 800,000, and the wholesaler went on to describe all of its features in detail.

By force of habit, our client asked for references, and in return was provided with names of carriers, competitors and colleagues based both in Geneva and Antwerp. The wholesaler’s website was legitimate and his telephone number in Bahrein was bona fide. Our client even received a call from a sales manager working for one of his colleagues in Antwerp, backing up the provided references. As our client happens to be weary by nature, he called the competitor’s sales manager back himself. He had copied down the number that appeared on his screen during that first call. The number worked, he had reached the correct company and department – and yet nobody had ever heard of this sales manager! This meticulously organised theft had almost succeeded!

How to protect yourself:

- always stay alert, inform and educate your staff, colleagues and
business contacts.

- be very careful with your personal and company data.

- always double-check emails or telephone calls from people you don’t
know. Criminals can clone numbers, both telephone or bank account numbers. As far as email addresses are concerned, these can either be identical to your clients’, or can feature a tiny difference that goes unnoticed when not studied with care.

- only if you are sure about a sender should you open attachments or
click on links in emails.

- get IT professionals to take care of maintenance and protection of your
computers, servers and other firewalls.

- keep a close eye on anyone in your company who can execute bank

- check to see if your insurance policy covers this kind of modus
operandi. If not, consider insuring your company against cybercrime.

Would you like further information or would you like us to handle your case? We can put you into contact with specialised IT professionals and would be happy to help you check your insurance policy. Call us on +32 3 218.91.28; as insurance brokers it’s our job to offer you the best possible advice.

Hold-up : it doesn’t just happen to others

A Thursday in November, 6pm. Max prepares to close his jewellery shop. His staff has already left. Outside, passers-by are hurrying home: it’s raining, and nobody feels like doing any more window shopping. Nonetheless, the doorbell suddenly rings: the outline of a man appears at the entrance of the shop. “Why not one last client? thinks Max. It hasn’t been a very profitable day and the end of the year is very nearby. He might just be able to make one last sale. Max isn’t suspicious: the man at the door is well-dressed. His face is concealed by a fedora. Max can’t see the man’s hands, he looks ordinary but well-off. Max presses the button to open the door.

Suddenly a crush: a second man jumps out from the shadows. They start shouting and are armed; they ask the cash register, swipe the goods and one of the men drags Max to the back and beats him up: Max is knocked down. He hears the sound of the cash register...and then everything goes black. Later, Max discovers that this whole sequence lasted only 4 minutes and 25 seconds... A flash in time that seemed like hours! Outside, nobody intervened... Max is alive, but his jewellery shop has been vandalised and more than €250,000 worth goods has been stolen.

And what if you were the victim?
As a professional, you are aware of the basic safety measures. Still, it’s always good to refresh your memory. Especially towards the end of the year: after the clocks turn back, darkness falls sooner, while on the other hand, the end of the year is around the corner and a larger number of customers are looking for valuable gifts. How can one tell the difference between an honest customer and a suspicious one?

It could be anyone standing there on your doorstep. Ask yourself the following key questions:

- is the customer trying to hide his face? (with a hat, sunglasses, etc.)

- is his behaviour normal? (is he looking for the security camera, is
he already trying to push the door open,...)

- could he be carrying a weapon? (in a large bag, under a long coat, ...)

- could this be a ruse? (a fake police officer? someone brandishing
a catalogue?)

- can you see this potential customer’s hands? (hands in pockets,
wearing gloves, etc.)

You can never be too careful
What if, despite all these precautions, it would happen to you? Would you truly be able to react as you should? Wouldn’t it be smart to have a special risk insurance backing you up? And if you are already insured, does your contract cover all the consequences?

At Anglo Belge we have developed a tailor-made solution: our SILK insurance policy, which has been designed to offer a global solution to all insurance matters related to the security aspects of a jeweller. Not only does it offer optimal coverage, but it also provides a prevention training course and, if necessary, psychological support after an incident.

More information? Call us on +32 3 218 91 28 and find out how to protect both yourself and your jewellery shop, in every single aspect.

Sibylle van Havre Meet Sibylle van Havre, Finance and HR Manager. Find out what makes her tick here.

How long have you been working for Anglo Belge? I’ve been working for Anglo Belge since May 2001.

What has been your biggest challenge? Continuing to find the right balance between family and work. As a wife and mother of four children, I’ve learned that focusing too much on one area has a negative impact on the other. It’s a daily challenge.

Where did you work before joining Anglo Belge?
Before, I used to work for an American start-up in the medical field. I helped set up the whole finance department. The start-up was then taken over by a large group, upon which I first assisted with integration and then joined the treasury department.

What was it that made you want to work for Anglo Belge?
The family aspect, as my father was one of the co-founders in the 1960’s. While it had never been a planned move, I seized the opportunity when it presented itself. As I was used to larger structures, the flexibility and human aspect appealed to me.

What are you passionate about in your job?
Recently, as Anglo Belge has grown, I have taken on HR responsibilities in addition to payroll tasks. While numbers are my first love - they tell us so many things - I’ve come to discover a real interest in the human aspect. Now that we’re growing in size, we’re on the lookout for new candidates. Recruiting qualified people who fit into our company culture is a highly motivating job, which matters a great deal to me.

How would you describe Anglo Belge?
A wonderful family chapter. Strong foundation that evolves day after day, striving for excellence, continuity, confidence and commitment.

Could you share one of your fondest memories of Anglo Belge?
Two days in Geneva, when we celebrated Anglo Belge’s 50th anniversary and Marc Delloye’s 30 years in the company. A unique experience.

What has been your biggest mistake?
Not following my “intuition”.

Any regrets?
No. Everything happens for a reason.

What’s the best place for a drink?
Wherever the atmosphere’s good.

Which restaurant would you recommend?
L’EssenCiel in Leuven (young, dynamic chef).

Describe yourself in 3 words:
Strength, calm and patient.

Favourite band?
Dream Along (my kids’ band). I’m a fan.

Favourite author?
At this point in life the author who stimulates me most is Antoine Filissiadis.

Favourite meal?
I love Thai food, especially red chicken curry.

Any hobbies?
My kids (running the household), golf, aqua gym and reading.

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