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Quarterly newsletter - April 2016
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ART BRUSSELS - Visit us from du 22 to 24 april - Tour & Taxis - Cabinet d'Amis The accidental collection of Jan Hoet
Accidents happen all the time. When it comes to works of art, an ‘accident’ could refer to that water leak in the apartment upstairs, which has left you with a drenched painting in your living room. Or it could mean your grandson accidentally knocking over that expensive vase you love so dearly. These are just a few reasons why it is important to be well insured.

When you move into a new house or apartment, you usually take out a classic home and fire insurance, which covers both movable and immovable property based on the overall value. The only problem is that this kind of insurance comes with very limited compensation and the basis of valuation is mainly unsuitable to cover valuables efficiently.

That is why at Anglo Belge, as specialised insurance brokers, we recommend opting for an All Risk policy for your art collection and other precious belongings. Based on a list of the pieces you own, we will draw up an insurance policy that takes into account the agreed value of each item. This entails that there will be no disagreements in case of an claim and no limit in terms of compensation. Your works of art are also fully protected against any depreciation due to restoration or repair.

The importance of regular reappraisals
Considering the level of protection our All Risk insurance provides, we recommend having your valuables reappraised regularly. If, then, their value should happen to increase, your policy would simply require a slight adjustment in order to stay fully covered at the right market price. A reappraisal every three to five years is wise, but this can also be done more frequently for works evolving in a hot market, as is the case with contemporary art.

Would you like advice on how to insure your works of art? Give us a call on +32 (0)3/218.91.28, we are happy to help you select the most suitable insurance policy.
Not a day goes by without a story on cybercrime. Infected servers, viruses, identity theft, stolen IP addresses... It is a constant threat; cybercriminals are continuously outsmarting each other and, despite sophisticated security systems, are succeeding in doing what they do best: theft. It’s a word we dread hearing in the diamonds, jewellery and art industry– which is exactly why we should always be on our guard.

Read and keep in mind two following techniques often used by cybercriminals:

Phishing: is the attempt to acquire personal data via unsolicited emails. When opened, these emails redirect people to fraudulent websites that appear to be legitimate. The goal here is to obtain access codes, login details, passwords…like those to your online bank account, for example. These kinds of emails can also contain one or multiple attachments, or pop up as a security alert from a ‘known’ source.
Spyware is, a software designed to spy and collect data on a user’s online navigation. It is often used for commercial purposes by exploiting the gathered data and can also entail more severe consequences by recording passwords or confidential codes via the user’s keyboard. Spyware often contaminates your computer when you install free software.

How to protect yourself
Some simple guidelines:

Remain vigilant and inform your employees about this type of danger;
Be careful about how you use your own as well as your company’s data;
If you receive an email from an unknown sender or from someone you haven’t been in contact with for a while, do not open any attachments, do not click on any links and delete the message, or make sure to verify the message with extreme care;
Enlist the help of IT professionals to carry out maintenance on and protect your computers, servers and firewalls;
Find out if your insurance policy covers these kinds of problems and if not, look into ones that do.

Would you like further info or would you like us to help you? Give us a call on +32 3 218 91 28, we will put you in contact with IT professionals and, as a specialised broker, we would be more than happy to go over your insurance policies with you.
Guillaume Ubaghs
Meeting with Guillaume Ubaghs,
Senior Account Manager. Jewellery responsible, covering Belgium and France. Find out what he truly likes.

How long have you worked at Anglo Belge?
Since February 2015.

What was your biggest challenge?
Going from working for an insurance company to working for an insurance broker.
Where did you work before joining Anglo Belge?
For a marine insurance company.

What convinced you to select Anglo Belge as an employer?
The fact that Anglo Belge understood the importance of specialisation 50 years before its competitors, in niche products in particular, in order to offer clients true added value as insurance brokers.

What don't you like about your job?
All the files lying around.

How would you describe Anglo Belge?
As a young and dynamic structure that values each of its employees and pushes them to improve by trusting them completely.

Could you share with us one of your best memories of working at Anglo Belge?
Our ski trip to Courmayeur last January.

What is your biggest mistake ?
There are so many :)

Who is your ideal client?
The responsible family man.

Which country have you visited most, thanks to your work?
Wallonia, if you consider that a country, that is ;-)

What is the best place to enjoy a drink?
The place du Marché in Liège.

Which restaurant do you recommend?
‘Le Bistrot d’en Face’ in Liège.

Describe yourself in three words:
Reliable, precise and open.

What's your favourite music group?
I enjoy alternative rock and electronic music, I don’t really have a favourite group.

Who is your favourite author?
Joël Dicker.

Who is your favourite actor?
I’ve always been a big Arnold Schwarzenegger fan :-) and I was fortunate enough to run into him at Baselworld last year!

What’s your favourite dish?
Spaghetti Bolognese.

Do you have any hobbies?
Movies, dinner with friends, travel.
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