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Security tips before going away on holiday
With the summer holidays nearly upon us, we have put together some advice that we think will be useful to bear in mind before you finish packing your bags.

- Avoid communicating any details about your holidays over social media.
- The same applies to your professional ‘out-of-office' email message: avoid giving away too many details.
- Tell your friends, or neighbours that you trust, about your upcoming absence.
- Tell your alarm centre about your upcoming absence.
- Ask the local police to make more frequent checks in the area around your home/shop while you are away.
- If you are travelling with valuable items and you are staying in a hotel, check to see if there is a safe available at the reception. Generally, valuable items that are kept in the safe in your room are not insured when you are not in the room.
- For any jewellery you wear, check the territorial limits of your insurance policy to ensure that you are properly covered wherever you are staying.
- When travelling, keep your jewellery close to hand and keep a close eye on it.
- If you are transporting valuable items by car, never leave them in the vehicle (take them with you before leaving the car).
- Jewellers should place their stock in a safe; never leave it in your windows and when appropriate divide your stock among several safes.
- Some of you prefer to deposit your stock with a bank. If so, think about your transport limitations when travelling to and from the bank.
- If you have a safe fitted with a ‘time lock’, programme it to cover the whole period of your holidays.
Most of this advice is common sense, of course. However, in our experience, many losses could have been avoided if several basic precautions had been taken.

And a final tip from us: follow the advice that applies to you and enjoy your summer! If you have any other questions, we will be more than happy to help you at this number: + 32 3 218 91 28.
‘Sudden death’ insurance, a supplement to personal accident insurance
Many of us recall those traumatic images of young footballers who die suddenly in the middle of a game. We all know someone, be they someone close to us, a neighbour or an acquaintance, who has died in the space of a few seconds...

By its very nature, a sudden death is traumatic. Financially too, an unexpected death can be very painful. The financial impacts of such deaths are covered by ‘term life’ types of insurance, but not by accidental death insurance (personal accident insurance)*.

For a relatively small additional premium (starting from 350 EUR per million), it is today possible to extend the ‘accidental death’ guarantee to cover death that results from, for example, pulmonary embolism, heart attack or stroke.

Think about taking out this type of insurance to cover the following situations:
- donations, inheritance tax
- shareholder agreements
- keyman or company
- other short-term financial commitments.

Your decision to opt for ‘term life’ insurance (all causes life insurance for up to 10 years) for death/disability following an accident, with or without a ‘sudden death’ supplement, will mainly depend on these factors:
- age of the person insured
- period and type of the financial commitment
- risk aversion
- budget

Whatever your situation, these insurance policies are drawn up with the aim of bringing you security and peace of mind.

Are you looking for personalised advice?
Call us on +32 (0)3 218 91 28, and we will be delighted to guide you on finding the best-adapted policy for you.

* In our November 2013 newsletter, we looked at the specificities of personal accident insurance AND term life insurance. Here are the definitions:
Personal accident insurance (PA) – is an annual policy which pays compensation if the insured dies as a result of an accident, but also pays for temporary or permanent injuries arising from an accident. Personal accident policies protect the insured anywhere in the world, 24/7.
Term life insurance (TL) – is a policy which pays a predefined compensation if the insured dies, irrespective of the cause. The word ‘term’ refers to the period of the policy, which can be between one and ten years.
Meet the crew
Cédric van den Abeele Meeting with Cédric van den Abeele, Managing Director. Find out what he truly likes.

How long have you worked at
Anglo Belge?

I've had two careers at Anglo Belge. The first was from 1993 to 2000. I returned to Anglo Belge in 2008. So that makes a total of 15 years now.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced?
There is always a new challenge.
Today, one of the major challenges is transitioning to a professional world that is increasingly regulated, whilst maintaining the strengths of Anglo Belge: our closeness to our clients, a flexible approach when meeting their needs, and offering creative solutions.

Where did you work before joining Anglo Belge?
I formed a telecoms firm with my brother and two friends in 2000. I also spent a few years in publishing.

What convinced you to select Anglo Belge as an employer?
It was our clients’ fields of activity and the international nature of our profession. The diamonds, jewellery and art sectors are fascinating.
I believe that we serve them well, and have done so for more than 50 years. So to some extent we feel that we are part of these sectors.

What don't you like about your profession?
When a price is considered more important than quality. In the insurance business, that is a risky argument.

How would you describe Anglo Belge?
If Anglo Belge were an animal, I would say that its qualities are agility, liveliness, and adaptability. If it were a plant, in my mind it would have strong roots, flexible and high branches, and elegant yet discreet leaves.
If Anglo Belge were a building... it would be just like the one we have recently moved into!

Could you share with us one of your best memories of working at
Anglo Belge?

Well, there are many! I realise that my best memories are linked to the success that we enjoy and the complex situations that we manage to solve, thanks to our great determination and talent.

Who is your ideal client?
It would be the typical Anglo Belge client – one that sticks with us for the long term! One of our values is continuity. Our clients usually believe in the very same value.

Which country have you visited most, thanks to your work?
I can name two: Switzerland, where we have many clients, and England where most of the insurers we work with are based.

What is the best place to enjoy a drink?
Without doubt, it's 'Seeva' in Hong Kong. You feel as if you're floating among the skyscrapers.

Which restaurant do you recommend?
'Le biciclette' in Milan.

Describe yourself in three words:
Creative, determined and (sometimes!) a little absentminded.

What's your favourite music group?
I often listen to Dire Straits and Pink Floyd. And I like the poetry of Francis Cabrel.

Who is your favourite author?
I’m a great fan of comic strips and I’m fascinated by the work of Jean Van Hamme, the scriptwriter behind XIII, Thorgal, Largo Winch, and so on.

What’s your favourite dish?
That’s easy to answer: sausages, compote and French (well Belgian, actually) fries. :-)

Do you have any hobbies?
I often ride my bike, and play tennis and golf. My annual ‘highlight’ has become an unmissable tradition: cross-country skiing in the high mountains with three friends and a guide. Fabulous!
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