Fine Arts & Jewellery

Here at Anglo Belge, the fact that over 1000 clients put their trust in us continuously pushes us to develop optimal insurance policies. We succeed in doing so thanks to our close relationship with some of the most successful European insurance companies – including Lloyd’s of London.

Whether you are looking to insure classic or contemporary art, furniture, sculptures, silverware, fragile items (ceramics, jade, mirrors), family jewellery or other priceless objects that require particular care (wine, stamps, manuscripts, historical documents), we have a perfect solution for everyone’s patrimony.

Our “All Risks ” policy includes the following benefits:

  • protection against theft, fire, water damage, partial or total damage.
  • all physical loss or damage is insured for any items whilst stored, whilst at home, whilst on exhibition, whilst in transit or worn (as far as jewellery is concerned).
  • loss of value after a claim is covered.
  • no claim bonuses.
  • replacement value for your personal belongings and eventually for jewellery.
  • agreed value for your entire art collection.
  • every new purchase is automatically insured and added to your contract.
  • pairs & sets keep their pair or set value.
  • deductible is not compulsory.

We develop a policy that fulfils your needs; the insurance we offer is a tailor made policy to. A new purchase? Transit required? An unexpected trip abroad? Call our experts; they will immediately update your insurance policy according to your current needs.


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