Kidnap & Ransom

Are you aware that organized crime and gangs are believed to make over USD 500 million from kidnap and ransom activities ? Your business dealing in valuables, you may want to envisage how to face the challenge of protecting your assets and the valued people living around you.

In the event of a kidnapping incident, Anglo Belge's policy, in addition to insuring the ransom you may have to pay out, ensures you have immediate access to specialized consultants whose advice is crucial to help minimize the impact on human lives and business operations. With this in mind, we offer the most comprehensive policy in the world:

Key features and benefits of kidnap ransom insurance :

  • Compensation of costs associated with a kidnap for ransom, extortion, detention or hijack incident
  • Instant and limitless access to specialist response consultants
  • Personal security and corporate risk mitigation guidelines
  • Admittance to travel risk information and safe traveler training
  • 24/7 worldwide coverage