Jewellers Block Policy

Over the years, Anglo Belge has earned the trust of many prominent members of the jewellery and watchmaking industries, from designers and gem labs to manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. Our Jewellers' Block specialists, thanks to their expertise and experience, have devised a broad range 'All Risk' insurance coverage for wholesalers and manufacturers which will meet your special needs... and budget.

LIGHT Option

Your minimum budget policy with coverage limited to catastrophe risks, with restrictive conditions at a low premium.


The most common insurance program for jewellers, derived from Lloyd's of London's O(E) insurance. It is an 'All Risk' coverage suitable for the majority of the field's establishments. Premiums vary according to insurance excess, or unlimited coverage linked to mysterious disappearance.


Derived from the STANDARD option, this program provides several extensions, applied on a permanent or temporary basis in order to cover risks which are normally excluded (exhibitions, natural catastrophes, unattended vehicle coverage…).

PRIME Option

A policy which provides the broadest protection on the market. Coverage granted is extremely wide-spread and includes, in addition to the extensions established in the advanced option, additional risks such as employee infidelity, war, strike and riot risks, terrorism, loss of profit, etc...


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