A company's viability and financial success may depend on a handful of key individuals whose special knowledge, skills, experience or connections make them a key asset to an organization. When a premature death or a disability occurs, a business may be unable to operate at the same level, with potentially dire consequences. Our Keyman insurance protects an enterprise against this risk by providing the necessary financial means to stabilize a company during the critical adjustment period.

Amongst the covered risks, one should consider the following events :

  • Accidental death of the key individual(s)
  • Any cause death of the key individual(s)
  • Disability of key insured individual(s)
  • Shareholder or partner protection, offering individuals the ability to buy the deceased person(s) company shares

Personal Accident

The personal accident policies can encompass the risks of death, permanent or temporary disablement, be it total or partial.

Term Life

A term life insurance will complete a personal accident policy by enlarging coverage to death of the insured person through any cause.


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