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Quarterly newsletter - November 2016
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Offering jewels for Christmas or New Year remains a safe bet. Very often, it’s in November and December that the jewellers achieve their best sale which logically leads to a fluctuation of their stock.

The insurer evaluates the importance and the amount of the stock
in order to:
define the level and type of security he will ask,
work out the amount of the premium,
define the guarantees he will offer in counterpart,
determine the insurance conditions.

What would happen if you have paid a premium of a total value of ‘100’ and after a claim it proves that the value of your stock was in fact ‘150’?
Pay attention to what follows, because this often happens at Xmas time!
It would mean that you haven’t paid for a premium equal to the value of your stock, and the insurance company will then apply the proportional rule: they will only reimburse 100/150th of your claim limited to maximum 100/150 of the total insured value.

How can you avoid this?
Choose for a first loss coverage. This means that the fixed amount in first loss will remain covered. However be aware: this first loss amount shouldn’t be less than 75% of the total stock. Because same principle, if you are victim of a claim and that the amount insured in first loss isn’t sufficient – that it represents less than 75% of the stock in your jewellery – the proportional rule will be applied.

Follow our advice
Cover maximum of your stock, and always keep in mind that fluctuation value shouldn’t exceed 25%.

Need additional advice? As a broker, we are at your disposal to help you imagine the best insurance for your shop, call us on
+32(0) 3 218 91 28.
Trust is a fundamental aspect for diamond dealers. Within their frame of work, they need to be able to call on a reliable network as they regularly entrust goods to third parties. To a potential client, to an independent broker that will receive a commission on the sale, or to a diamond cutter that will process the diamonds (e.g. polish, cut,…) or set them into jewellery.

Trust does not avoid danger
Even if you are sure of the third party, he could be subject to theft, disappearance or damage of the entrusted goods. It could also happen
that you have trusted the wrong person. How can you cover yourself against these risks? By asking an extension of your insurance policy to fully cover goods entrusted to third parties. In case of loss or damage
to your goods, you will be reimbursed independently of the third party’s insurance.

This coverage can be further extended with different options:
waiver of right of recourse against the entrustee for commercial reasons for instance.
coverage against fraud (infidelity) committed by the entrustee, in case of theft or dishonesty for example.

Which is the most appropriate coverage for your risk?
Call us on +32 (0)3 218 91 28, we remain at your disposal to offer you the best solution.
Fanny Pernet Ravier
We spoke to Fanny Pernet Ravier, Account & Sales Support at our Swiss office.

How long have you been working for Anglo Belge ?
Since 2014.

Where did you work before joining Anglo Belge?
I worked for a Family Office on Place Genevoise.

What made you want to work for Anglo Belge?
It presented a new challenge in a new field, and would allow me to discover the art and jewellery world.

How would you describe Anglo Belge?
As a dynamic company that is always looking for ways to provide its clients with the best service.

How does your current job differ most from your previous job?
The contact with clients from a wide range of fields, from art to jewellery and even including private clients.

What is your field of expertise at Anglo Belge?
The accounting/finance field for the Swiss area.

Describe your fondest memories since joining Anglo Belge.
The three days in Bruges with all of the Anglo Belge employees for a big team building event.

How would you describe your ideal client?
A client who, satisfied with our services, becomes a happy client.

Describe yourself in three words.
Patient, hard-working and positive-minded.

Favourite band?
Gin Wigmore.

Favourite author?
Khaled Hosseini.

Favourite food?
Definitely Thai food.

Any hobbies?
Extreme sports and skiing.
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